There thermal paper rolls are 3-1/8" Wide X 230' long. They are made in the USA for all thermal printers that require a 3-1/8" wide thermal paper roll. The rolls are new, freshly manufactured, in the original cartons, and ship to you from one of our 5 regional warehouse throughout the USA. There are 50 rolls per case in this item. Some of the many machnes this Thermal Paper fits include: Axiohm A715, Axiohm A716, Axiohm A756, Axiohm A758, Axiohm A760, Axiohm A793, Axiohm A794, Axiohm A795 Citizen CBM1000, CBM230, CBM231, CBM293, IDP3210, IDP3310 EPSON TM-H5000, Epson TM-H5000 II, Epson TM-H6000, Epson TM-T80, Epson TM-T85, Epson TM-T88, Epson TM-T88II, Epson TM-T88III, Epson TM-T88IV, Epson T90 Series IBM 4610T1 Suremark, IBM 4610T12 Suremark, IBM 4610T14 Suremark IPC TM-T80AS Ithaca Per. PcOS 80 Series, 80 Plus Series, 181 Series, Series 280 iTherm MICROS TM-T88, Thermal NCR 7156, NCR 7158, NCR 7193, NCR 7194 Samsung SRP350 Star Micronics SCP700, Star TSP100, Star TSP400 Series, Star TSP500 Series, Star TSP600 Series, Star TSP 700 Series, Star TSP2000 Series Transact Ithaca 80 Series And many more!

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