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CTR-325-240BW $59.00


These paper rolls are bond (NOT THERMAL) and work in all machines that require a ribbon to ink the transaction. There are 50 rolls per case and each roll is 4.5" Wide X 165' Long. Some of the machines these paper rolls work in are: Data Saab 5808-3 Hamilton Test System Racal-Transcom RG 1010 Squirrel Certain Squirrel POS Systems Star Micronics DP-824 (40 Column), DP8340, DP8340FM, DP8340SM Westrex 4900, POS2000 80 Col. Printer, S600, S610, S7000, S830 80 Col. Printer And many more!
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  • Item #: 4.5" X 165' Long 1-Part Bond
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