These paper rolls are designed for use in all machines that image transactions with an inked ribbon. These rolls are NOT thermal. There are 25 rolls in each case and each roll is 4.5" Wide X 85' Long. This 2-ply White/Canary Carbonless Paper fits: Data Saab 5808-3 Hamilton Test System Racal-Transcom RG 1010 Squirrel Certain Squirrel POS Systems Star Micronics DP-824 (40 Column), DP8340, DP8340FM, DP8340SM Westrex 4900, POS2000 80 Col. Printer, S600, S610, S7000, S830 80 Col. Printer And many more! When you buy this item, you are buying 1 case with 25 rolls in it.
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  • Item #: 4.5" X 85' Long 2-Part Rolls
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