These are black nylon extended wear printer ribbons for use in Okidata Microline 180/190/320/321/etc series dot matrix printers. The ribbons are also for use in Ithaca Cash Registers...series PCOS 50/54/70/etc. There are 12 ribbons per box and the price listed is "per box"...not per ribbon. Ribbons are manufactuered in the USA using premium black nylon seamless loop materials and are guaranteed to exceed all OEM specs. You are buying one box with 12 ribbons in it. Some of the MANY machines these ribbons work in are: Microline 184 Turbo IBM Parallel Microline 184 Turbo Standard Parallel Microline 184 Turbo Standard Serial MICROLINE 186 Parallel (120v, USB) MICROLINE 186 Serial (120v, USB) Microline 320 Turbo Microline 320 Turbo DEC ANSI MICROLINE 320 Turbo w/RS-232C Serial Microline 320 Turbo with CSF Microline 320 Turbo/n Microline 321 Turbo Microline 321 Turbo DEC ANSI Microline 321 Turbo with CSF Microline 321 Turbo/n MICROLINE 120 MICROLINE 172 MICROLINE 180 MICROLINE 182 MICROLINE 183 MICROLINE 192 MICROLINE 193 MICROLINE 321 MICROLINE 320 Microline 182 Plus Microline 182 Turbo Microline 192 Plus MICROLINE 184 Turbo Serial 220v MICROLINE 320 Turbo 230v

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