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These Laser Labels are 30-Up (3-Wide, 10-Down) per page, have removable adhesive, are blank white, and are designed for use in laser and ink jet printers. Format is same as the popular Avery 5160 format. Adhesive is removable and is excellent for all retail products , especially books and gifts. There are 250 sheets per box. There are 7,500 individual labels per box. You are buying 1 box with 250 sheets of labels in it. Caution...partial sheets of laser labels should not be re-run through your laser printer. The heat in the laser engine softens the adhesive and you may get "adhesive ooze" that will stick to your laser drum and degrade all future printing you do. Consult your printer's owners manual before you re-run any laser sheets through your printer.

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  • Item #: Laser30-Up White Removable
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